Day 55 – 08/25/22 – Community Building in Delta, UT

We got the Thermocure to put into Beechy. It needs to sit for 3 to 5 days…probably 5 to 7 days for our old RV with all of the normal rust buildup that’s accumulated over the past 55 years. We also got

Day 40 – 08/10/22 – Beechy is Peachy and The Walk Continues

Hickison Petroglyph, NV to US HWY 50 MM 2, Eureka County, NV 10.2 Miles As I mentioned in my first stream this morning, we finally got the parts to fix the Beechwood after two different carriers “lost” three different and identical packages

Day 29 – 07/30/22 – Milestone: The Bicentennial Mile!

Today’s walk route was 11.4 miles starting from just before mile marker 37 on US-50 in Austin, NV to my next stopping point at Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area. I hit another milestone today at the 5.8 mile mark – The Bicentennial Mile!

Days 27/28 – 07/28-29/22 – Distances and Discussions

Day 27 – 07/28/22 – Distances Patti (aka Mrs. Tango) and I set out on today’s voyage which was downhill for the most part. We started the 10.1 mile walk at the Weather Station at the Austin Summit and ended just short