Day 10 – 07/11/22 – Back to the Future

Most of today, we were making preparations to head out tonight to return to Salt Wells. The blisters on my right foot are healing very well. Who would have thought that castor oil would be the miracle cure for blisters! This evening

Day 7 – 07/08/22 – Our Flag was Still There

Five minutes into my walk, I came across our great American Flag and paused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. What a great way to start a day…even though it was quite early! “Good morning, Ron and Tom and the Wolf Pack.

Day 5 – 07/06/22 – A Walking Chat with Sasnak and Other Truths

Good morning, America! How are you? Today is Day 5 of my walk to Washington, D.C., in which I covered 13.5 miles of my journey, beginning in Lahontan Valley, NV and ending in Fallon, NV. I began my day with an inspiring

Day 4 – 07/05/22 – Over the Hill…Literally!

This morning, I left the Silver Strike Casino in Silver Springs, NV at around 7:15am PT. My team and I scoped out a couple of different stop locations for tonight. Because of the painful blister on the bottom of my right foot

Day 3 – 07/04/22 – Happy Birthday, America!

Today we celebrate the birth of our great country…246 years!!!  The love I have for my country is what inspired the Grey Wolf Walk for Freedom. We need to let this country know that we are proud Americans who deserve, and want

Day 2 – 07/03/22 – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Last night, after my 15.5-mile walk, Mr. T and I landed at the Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley for our first overnight stay. After a long and exciting day, we hunkered down, plugged in the RV and called it a night. I’ve got

Day 1 – 07/02/22 – Part 2 – My Journey Across America Begins

My fellow Patriot, friend and support driver, Tom (lovingly dubbed “Mr. T” by my moderators), Abby (my faithful dog and beloved mascot to my subscribers) and I arrived via my 1967 Beechwood RV (aka The Wolf Den) at the Capitol Building in